The Letter of Presentation:

The Inseparable Companion

Prints the format of the letter

If you are willing to send your curriculum vitae to several companies, do not forget to accompany him with a cover letter. Of every word you include, your future job may depend.

Writing it is simpler than we often suppose. With clarity, precision and a good grammar and spelling, you can bet that you will have several points won.


I. In writing the letter:

  • Try to use good quality paper, write it on the computer and use the same font as the curriculum.
  • Make sure you do not exceed one page.
  • Avoid acronyms and abbreviations.
  • Do not start paragraphs with the word I, Avoid falling pedantic.
  • Do not write it together with the curriculum.
  • Do not attach letters of recommendation, or titles, unless requested.

II. Structure

  • * First paragraph: You can start the letter with a positive data that you have found on the company or with a reference on the conversation that you had with the recipient previously. Then establish the purpose of your letter, you can say which position you are interested in and how you found out about the vacancy. Prove that you have informed about the company, could help you as a candidate.
  • * Second paragraph: Highlight some of the skills that would benefit you, if you were hired. Make reference to the information that you could not emphasize in the curriculum, as cultural experience, and connect it with the position that you request. Demonstrate how you would contribute to the company and what you can offer them.
  • * Third paragraph: Say goodbye and emphasize your interest in arranging an interview. Informs that you include your curriculum, and thank you for your time and consideration.