Letter of Acceptance to Employment

Many times when a job proposal is made, the company will send you a letter of job offer, which includes: benefits, vacation time, bonuses, etc.

For this reason, if someone offers you a job with a simple handshake, thank him and mention that he will be waiting for a written offer as soon as possible. If the person responds that his word is enough, he will get everything discussed; Thank him and tell him that you appreciate the offer, but that will require a couple of days to think before accepting.

This is not asking too much. Upon arriving at your home make a letter similar to the one below and send it by certified mail or by courier acknowledging receipt by the person who will hire you, to confirm that the person received it.

All letters submitted will be used by you at some point during the job search. These letters are tedious to write a few times, especially when you have many things on your mind, but Strive to do so, the results will prove you worthwhile.

aceptacion empleo