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Fasten your payroll process. We specialize in administration of payrolls, design solutions and maximization of operations for companies and organization en Latin America.


  • Optimization of payroll procedures with confidentiality.
  • Maximize the growth of your organization.
  • Experience and responsibility in payroll administration, taking care of risks and operative charges.

Payroll administration

Over 15 years of experience, transparency and diligence in the area of personnel outsourcing.  We  look to economize and facilitate the administrative process in your human resources management, adapting ourselves to your need in the elaboration an administration of  payment rolls.

  • We are specialists in payroll management, tax pay and outsourcing.
  • We work with any business area within the area of payroll management and administration.
  • On line access to your information 24 hour per day, from anywhere you are..


  • Intellectual capacity
  • Primary Skills
  • Behavior at Work
  • Personality
  • Personality Inventory for Sellers
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • AMITAI ® Honesty, Profiles and Organizational Climate
  • Emergenetics ®  International
  • Cerebral Dominance Benziger ®